How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure (Secrets Only a Few Know)

I don’t like failures. Oh, come on, who likes it either? Failure is certainly a painful and humiliating situation in our life. And we all have to go through it no matter how much efforts you put to succeed. It typically means that the time, efforts and money you utilized for that task is all wasted. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to move on and bring back the self-motivation after failure.
Unfortunately, we can’t control the tug of war between success and failure. As these things are beyond our control. Even if you put all your heart into it, there is no guarantee whether you will succeed or fail. So, how can you overcome the bad phase of failure in your life? Let’s find out.

The motivation-failure relation

Recently I watched a video from an Indian motivational speaker, Vivek Bindra which changed my perspectives about failure. He said, “If you never fail in your life, it simply means you have been playing way too safe.” And I personally agreed on that. Failure is an obvious possibility (along with success) if you are willing to achieve something.
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