How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure

How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure (Secrets Only a Few Know)

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I don’t like failures. Oh, come on, who likes it either? Failure is certainly a painful and humiliating situation in our life. And we all have to go through it no matter how much efforts you put to succeed. It typically means that the time, efforts and money you utilized for that task is all wasted. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to move on and bring back the self-motivation after failure.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the tug of war between success and failure. As these things are beyond our control. Even if you put all your heart into it, there is no guarantee whether you will succeed or fail. So, how can you overcome the bad phase of failure in your life? Let’s find out.

The motivation-failure relation

Recently I watched a video from an Indian motivational speaker, Vivek Bindra which changed my perspectives about failure. He said, “If you never fail in your life, it simply means you have been playing way too safe.” And I personally agreed on that. Failure is an obvious possibility (along with success) if you are willing to achieve something.

How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure

By saying this, I am not advising you to take big risks without considering the consequences. But, you should at least give it a try before giving up due to the fear of failure. A famous quote by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg will help you understand this very well.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

If you have been considering failure as a dead end of your dreams, work, goals, and all the other things that matter to you a lot, you are not alone. You are doing the same mistake which I have done for so many years.

Today, I’ll share a few (actually a dozen) ways you can bring back the self-motivation after failure to your life. Some of these methods may sound very common to you, but they do miracle when you are feeling low. Plus, I have a bonus for you at the end of this article. It is a review of an inspirational video film which you can check and feel motivated. So, let’s get started.

12 Ways to refuel your self-motivation after failure

Give time to yourself

I understand that failure is often heartbreaking. So, the possibilities of getting over it in a day, are very rare. Though, some people manage it. Unfortunately, most of us find it very difficult to do so. Let it be a failure of a big business idea, exam, relationship, or other, know that you won’t be able to forget everything and feel cheery for a while.

Give some time to yourself to heal emotionally. I urge you to smile even if you don’t feel to. You might be failed in a task, but you should recall the small victories you achieved during this pursuit of success. The efforts you put for performing the task will inspire you to focus on next ventures of life. And, you will instantly feel motivated.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” ~ Henry Ford

Create a positive mindset

Mindset is everything. How many times have you heard this saying? Many times, but only a few people understand that our mind can control how we react in a particular situation. After a failure, you need to make a mindful decision of staying positive (and not miserable).

Happiness is a choice and it’s the best thing to choose rather than depression. If you choose to be unhappy, it will become too hard for you to get back from the failure. On the other hand, if you manage to have a positive mindset, things wouldn’t be that difficult then. You will be able to move on from every failure and feel excited about your next endeavors.

Look for growth opportunities

So, what if you failed in one instance, there will always be another opportunity waiting for you to take charge. Each failure and obstruction unlock a chance for you to grow. All you have to do is finding out those opportunities in failure. I am sure, every failure will give you at least one opportunity to take. Once you find one, shift your focus on it.

Just imagine if Henry Ford had decided to quit after the countless failures before the success of Ford Motor Company. His ‘Model T’ not only just revolutionized the automobile industry, but it also made Ford an industry leader.

How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure

Choose happiness over sadness

Like I mentioned before, happiness is a choice. Once you choose to be happy, you will find the motivation to overcome the failure. Unfortunately, many of us get caught in sadness which is a natural emotion; and there’s nothing wrong with being sad after failure. However, don’t remain in sadness for a long time.

Try to be happy even in the worst time. Read your favorite books, motivational quotes, or watch motivational films which will help you to get rid of such miserable situations.

Forget today, think about tomorrow

Figuring out the next action after failure will help you forget the bad time and will encourage you in your next plans. Being proactive is certainly a good trait one should pursue in his behavior. It is a thing which is much better than doing nothing to deal with your situation.

By focusing on actions which are necessary post-failure, you can rapidly gain the motivation to head towards success. This will also allow you to focus on other essential actions; instead of getting stuck in a situation.

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres

List out your past successes

The feeling of worthlessness is very obvious after failure. To avoid this feeling, you’ll have to take a notebook and a pen and write down a list of your past successes. This is one of the best ways to get back your self-motivation after failure. Once you write down past successes, you will gain the confidence to manage the situation.

How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure

Moreover, you can put this list on your mirror or any place which easily captures attention in your room. So, every time you’ll see this list, you will surely feel motivated. And in any case, you get stuck, you can always go back to that list and regain your confidence.

Review your past failures to get self-motivation after failure

It might sound stupid to think back on your past failures, but it can actually help you avoid the crisis of confidence. Similar to writing down your past successes, writing down your past failures. It will allow you to understand that you have been failed several times before, but you somehow managed to conquer the situation.

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Get advice from your mentor(s)

One of the easy ways to bring back self-motivation after failure is to get advice from the mentor(s). A mentor can be authors, athletes, musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, actors or anyone that inspires you. If possible, read some motivational books about them, watch their motivation videos on YouTube or others, or simply listen to their speeches.

These people are certainly successful, respected, and recognized due to their work. They can be a good source of inspiration during the tough times. Learn about their struggles and how did they overcome their adversity.

Shift your focus

So what if you failed at a big task, you can always work on smaller tasks and regain your lost confidence. It is important to focus on other things to find self-motivation after failure. The best part about small goals is that they are more achievable goals. The success rate of such tasks is higher than the big tasks.

Hence, focus on smaller tasks even if you want to achieve bigger goals. Breaking big tasks into smaller one will surprisingly help you completing bigger tasks efficiently.

How to Find Self-Motivation After Failure

Use your mind power

“Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.” Make sense, isn’t it? But, we can’t succeed in every task. Recently I read an article about the power of visualizing success. Visualization of success is a common technique which is been used by many top athletes, entrepreneurs, and others. When you visualize your success, it feels perceptible.

Plus, you will unknowingly strengthen your positive mindset which is an ultimate goal for self-motivation after failure.

Failure is a choice, don’t choose it

I know failure is unpredictable, but whether to stay in a state of failure totally depends on you. If you want to move on from your failure, you will have to make a choice to stay happy.

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Step back to move forward

You may have noticed that I have suggested many times to move further in life after failure in this article. So why am I telling you to step back then? Strange, isn’t it? But don’t worry. I not intending to demotivate you in any way. The fact is, taking a step back is beneficial to take a leap forward.

Stepping back will give you a clearer picture of the reasons behind your recent failure. Re-evaluate your decisions and see if you can improve your future actions. Once you realize this, you can take a big leap forward with a strong purpose.


These were the 12 easy but effective steps you can take to get self-motivation after failure. These are tested and tried methods by top leaders and successful people. I hope you can easily overcome the feeling of worthlessness after a failure using the tips I’ve mentioned so far. You can defeat failure by making a statement of success in front of it.

Self-motivation after failure: THE BONUS VIDEO [Finally!]

A few months back, I and my buddy were discussing issues like depression and suicide. Then we suddenly came to a point that we should make a motivational video or a short film to inspire people to move further and stay motivated even after a failure.  The short film is in Hindi, but we are adding English subtitles to it soon (maybe we have just added it, check in the video).

(Disclaimer: The film ‘Raahein Zindagi ki…’ was directed by Rahul Rokade (me, the Author of this post). By sharing this film with you, I’m not intending to get views or likes from our Cherish Happiness community. Instead, I want to motivate you guys using this film. I assume you got my point.)

I hope you liked the film. Tell me whether the message was depicted correctly in the comments section below.

(Images source: MaxPixel, Pixabay)

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